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UFO is recovered
X-Com operatives killed: 2 (-40)
GPA: 89.8%
Rating: Terrible!

The Long Day is a very straightforward title for the day when Trace first used the Save Rewind System

- only had the ability to rerecord each hour of time separately. in other words, 12 episodes without many self-interactions. a player could replay a single episode (which would affect later episodes in the usual 'replaying the old options' way nya), so it's pretty much like 12 areas where you can get items and use them on another area.
- the effect where the context of the universe would affect what happened was ridiculously strong the first time the Save Rewind System was used, so like aliens, floods, rocket launches

"But remember, a wise man once said 'The only ones I like are the women in the game world!! The real women are just trash!!' ... and he was totally right..."
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au~ >d

happy canada day!

i drew some pages but not very eight.
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I'm gonna do it.

I'm seriously gonna do it guys I am.
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I'm okay.

I'm useless though, stuck at home. I haven't been reading either.

I wanna work on my cosplay.

Here's a drawing for the Anime Club contest.
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I'm going to Montreal.

I'm sleepy.

I like "Welcome UNKNOWN". Fufu :3
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Umm... Happy new year, if that's okay... :3
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Fire primary grades post!
MATH 534, Lie theory.  A+
MATH 511, Operator theory.A+
MATH 450, Asymptotic methods.A
MATH 440, Complex analysis.A+
MATH 437, Elementary number theory.?? [Edit: A+]
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All systems stopped ♥

Please disembark the vehicle at any time.
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Dear Internet, please do my homework for me.


Ok thanks in advance.
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"I need you to tell me something."

"What's that?"

"What the fuck do you think you're doing dating April?"

"Cecil, it's because of last Friday."

The sky is a fantastic blue color. It's streaked with clouds. The time is early afternoon.

"Because of where she was last Friday. You see, she was hiding it! She must have seen Midori in the back art room, later than six o'clock, the time when she supposedly disappeared! Cecil, I'm telling you that April is involved in the kidnapping!"

The expression on his face. He looks like he's going to smack me, but he doesn't say anything.

Let's try and push it. "So I think our agreement is off!"

He caught me as I was leaving through the gate at the end of school.

I sometimes think that it's very convenient for me. My last class of the day isn't just in this wing, it's right next to the door.

On the other hand, he takes at least ten minutes to show up here. That's why we never run into each other at this time of day.

So, does that mean that he walked out of class just to intercept me?

It's possible he's so angry he can't talk. Take a breath, Cecil!
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If I don't finish my homework soon, then...

Oh, this is from Ganymede. I set up the tablet on it.

I've been drawing this kind of random thing.
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Hehe <3

The costume is nice.
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It's the day before school starts again. I'm recovering from my cold. Autumn has begun. Saturday, I commissioned a maid outfit so I can be a maid for the Math Club lectures teatime. It was really fun picking fabrics at Dressew and coming up with the outfit. Although, Nathaniel's girlfriend spent like the entire time poking my body and when I was like "aaah!" she was like "SO. CUTE. Do it again *poke*"

It seems like you could call me moe. But please stop poking me.

It was raining that day, too. When I was walking to their house, the rain felt fantastic on my skin, like a cold bath or some kind of electric shock.
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Hehe ^__^

I was gonna post something about Endless Eight... but it's already 3 pm September 1st in Japan anyway.

In conclusion, Kyonko moe!!
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I'm an idiot...

PS. 9 Engine can now draw text nicely in a dialog. If I make some kind of dialogue system, I would reach my first goal!
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...genderbending awesome.

They laughed at me at the academy... :3

And that really cute guy in a skirt I saw the other day...

Is it okay if I start laughing evilly?
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The end of summer is close. I wonder what will happen?

And, homework: unfinished. :P

See you~
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