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I finished my slightly irritating computer science project, nya~

And I bought myself some birthday stuff. I have a sewing machine. I also got a tablet! Yay, buying things that I want but aren't really worth the price to me. I'm still gonna cosplay Hazumu~

Endless Eight is still fun, somehow.
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In the late afternoon the next day I ran into her outside the chain bookstore. She was wearing a white cotton sweatshirt and some nondescript jeans that might have belonged to a guy, and carrying some books hidden away in a red plastic bag. Her hair was messy, as though she hadn't brushed it in a couple days. Although her eyes were red, I doubted that she had been crying, at least not over Zander's little tragedy. The reason is because, as long as I've known her, she hasn't been someone who would be so deeply affected by a stranger's problems.

I brushed my hair back with a sleeve and walked up to her. She seemed surprised to see me, and then angry.

She was about to say something, but I cut her off, smiling. "Something wrong?"

"What could possibly be wrong?" she said. "And what's more, what's up with that cheerful attitude? I thought you of all people would care about this. Has your 'case' gotten boring?"

"What?" I pushed forward, my face close to hers. "It's you who doesn't take this seriously. You've been an obstacle this whole time. When I've tried to talk to you, you've done nothing but blow me off. And I'm sure you've been telling the other people I've been dating—"

"Shut up, Trace! Why shouldn't I tell them that you're not even interested? That you're messing with people for the sake of your investigation? And I can tell you, it's not just me who thinks you're a joke! Even your parents..."

"What are you talking about?!" This was really getting into a heated argument.

"And Zander thought you should leave things alone even before yesterday! And you haven't got anywhere! Anywhere!"

"No, that's not true!" I shouted.

"I don't think it even bothers you that everything is so messed up! He's a friend of your family, Trace! What about Zander's engagement?"

I tried to say something sensible. "Well, they broke it off, of course—"

"She's nearly suicidal! And you're spending your time down here doing some shopping!"

"That's not fair," I said.

"Don't even start!" she screamed. "Get lost!"

"Fine, fine." I put my hands up. "I'm backing away, Rachel. Maybe you're right."

She didn't respond. Maybe she didn't hear me. She just stalked away. I watched her go out of the corner of my eye.

...I'm out of time, aren't I?
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The meme now can has its own webpage.

I kind of forced myself to draw this at 11 pm. Scans indicate that the derelict vessel is irradiated. There could be nothing living on that ship, Captain.

Meme (pages 7-9) )

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Ne, cola, work on your meme drawings! :P

It's been a whole week since I posted. Umm, I hung out with my family on Canada Day, which was nice. I finally paid my rent. And, yesterday I went to a party here; it was fun.

Happy Independence Day, people in America!
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Growing up with friends
And so unhurried

Hey, everyone. Friday night was stressful, I ran into someone I know and it turned out they were having kind of a breakdown and were trying to go to St. Paul's. We got there and checked in, and I left him around 12:15 am. I'm not sure how things are right now.
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It's the last two pages of "mathematics" and the first one of "enthusiasm".

Meme (pages 4-6) )
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This is only halfway through the first word. I'll draw more later until I make it through all five words. And, look on zuki_san's journal for what's going on.

Meme (pages 1-3) )

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Ne, Zuki, I decided to draw a comic to answer the meme. I've drawn three pages. It will probably be a really long comic. But, I really have to go to bed now.
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Saa, class starts tomorrow. I had a lot of fun. ^_^

The cosplay cafe was pretty cool. It was fun to sit around with people. I won a raffle, and I got a cute shopping bag. Uun, it was pretty awesome!

A guy also smacked me a lot while I hid my face and went "Kyaa~~ Stop hitting me~"... Something to do with my t-shirt. Oh, I guess it was first sold at the con, so there's no picture in the store. It's a really cute drawing of a boy in a dress, but it says "uke" on it, which is a little embarrassing. It's in the picture here... or, more direct. (Wait, I guess it actually says "heart-shaped L uke".)
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Here's some stuff from Anime Evolution ^_^

kashimashi reaction? )

There are Copic markers!
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Hey, apparently Sony is perpetrating an end-of-the-world hoax?

From the post (I changed the text a little):

One voice mail I received said “I’ve got kids; this really scares the hell out of me. Is there something I should be doing? Is this real?” He left an email address. Slightly shaken at his tone, I wrote back saying that, no, this is one of those crazy internet hoaxes and that I’ve got a four year old myself and my biggest worry for 2012 is what she is going to be like as a seven year old.

He wrote back relieved. Weird, I thought. This didn’t seem like typical pseudo-science wackiness. This guy was inherently skeptical about the 2012 claims, and was happy when someone with a ring of authority told him there was nothing to it, but, still something had made him worried enough that he had tracked down some astronomer he had never met and called him to reassure him about the safety of his family.


At some point they will break the silence and say “Surprise! The world is
not ending! This is just a movie! Aren’t we clever?” And we’ll all be so happy that we’ll decide the best way to celebrate is to go see a movie. Any movie except one from Sony Pictures.

Maybe at that point I’ll quit getting phone calls from people who are scared for the continued existence of their families. Or maybe not. Maybe this fear-mongering ad campaign is not the reason I’ve gotten so many more scared phone calls and email messages lately.
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Even though I'm only posting on the weekends, I spend a lot of my time doing nothing on the Internet. And it's really hot. I spent a lot on summer clothes. I feel really stupid and irresponsible, mou...

Anyway, see you around.

At least I look kind of cute, right?
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Hi, everyone. Things haven't been going badly. I finally got the book from Amazon, though I had to cancel and order the paperback version if I wanted to get it before June. I can't get anyone to hang out with me, but that's the usual situation.

As far as the research goes, ummm... I'm reading. I'm not really concentrating on it, though. Gender transformation fiction is still eating my head to a scary extent. With the Prozac and stuff, lately I've been feeling kind of strange. And I don't really have anyone to talk to about it, except my mom a little bit.

Even though I procrastinate so much on things that don't have deadlines, I finally got all my documents to Montreal. It looks like there are no dates in the summer, which I guess I should have expected, so I'm going to take off the first part of winter session. ...That's my plan. I don't know if I can do that and stay in Honours, though.
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Dennou Coil is a really good series -nyo...

Hey Andy (or anyone else who lives here), I put it on some DVDs if you want it. And, I made one with the copy of wifl's hard drive.

Hmm, it was really neat to run into Griffin. He's getting pretty good at some parkouring moves. I didn't see him hurl himself off any ledges onto metal staircases or anything, but he did climb up on a one-story parking kiosk and then front-flip off the roof. Plus, Vancouver is beautiful, so it's nice to walk around downtown even if Griffin wasn't doing awesome stuff in the foreground.

"Eversion" is scary. :3
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I had a headache this morning, so I went to lie in the grass in front of the library. Hmm~

I'm spending kind of a lot of money on random stuff like a bookend and a safety flashlight and stuff for my room... Maa, ne. Oh, that reminds me, I was gonna do laundry.

Fin and Dr. Gupta (separately) said really nice things to me yesterday.

One of the ways that I'm procrastinating is by working on this mix... This is probably enough time spent thinking about this story, so I'm just gonna finish this and... like, start drawing, or something?

the last song... :3 )
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Because of the frost,
the blossoms came late.

Hi. I'm procrastinating! I've spent the last few days running around doing random stuff. I think I'm gonna make ice tea tomorrow.
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I'm sure everyone knows about this already, but, Suzumiya Haruhi book :3

I talked to Dr. Pramanik~

"Introduction to Harmonic Analysis," I'll get it from Amazon, I guess. Hmph.

I got rose soap and a nice towel for residence! And cool pajamas.
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They assigned me to unit 2666, room 2. I went to look at it. My building has 666 scrawled on its door. I'm,... I'm scared... ^^;

Maybe I should try and transfer to Ritsumec— eeto, Ritsumeikan House.

My life is really really weird sometimes.
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I did okay this term.

Green's Functions and Variational Integrals    A+
Real Analysis II A+
Topics in Algebra  A+ (100!)
English 111 B
Computer science 111~ ?

I guess... I won't go to Ritsumeikan, since they close it on July 1, so I'd have to move then, and I'd probably rather be with the same group of people the whole summer, mou. On the other hand, I bet it would be really really cool... :3

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