Feb. 5th, 2009

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I was gonna work on my MATH 401 homework, but, I'm in the Math Club and feeling ouchy and I have enough slack to do nothing tonight. So you get to have an entry, Internet.

School stuff: I really had to work hard last week! I let things pile up. Most of my courses give homework about every two weeks, and when the second week began I suddenly realised that I had, maybe, exactly enough time left to do all my work.

Are my courses good this term? I guess. I like them all, although I'm feeling detached from the material, maybe because of all this work. And I'm having ego issues with MATH 423, which is lame.

Trans stuff: I am looking, like, consistently good. (Except my nose keeps running.) So that's great and awesome. I have no word on the SRS approval (but also, Dad didn't actually send the letter promising to do aftercare until January.) and I haven't set up any electrolysis appointments in a few months — I'm waiting for school to end.

Also, several exciting things have happened. First, I have been taking Prozac except I ran out two weeks ago, oh well. Next time I'll ask for more. (I'm supposed to be building up to a really high dose of like 80 mg to ameliorate my OCD. At the small doses I was taking it didn't really do anything, so don't worry...) Second, I had two dizzy episodes in the last couple weeks, and I fell over during one. (Scary is exciting!) Umm~ what else.

My social stuff isn't really going anywhere, but I got to spend some time with people at the Math Club outside of school, so that's more than usual.

I'm gonna try to apply for an NSERC research thing, so that sounds really cool, umm~

The Dirichlet prime number theorem yay!


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